Studying at The Ohio State University, Jesse received his BFA in Art & Technology with a minor in design. Tying those two disciplines into his work has allowed him to forge a creative and unique craft that focuses on the concept as well as the viewers experience. Incorporating his background in design and technology, his art reflects the combination of the observed personality and character as well as a fascination of modern and future tech.

With interest in artists from the baroque and art deco periods such as Caravaggio and de Lempicka as well as todays great 3d artists, Jesse creates not just from the eyes, but also from the imagination.

He brings the unique ability to exercise both a creative and analytical understanding of art. This prowess allows him to analyze an idea from multiple positions and thus grasp a complete cognizance of a concept.

With a desire to create in feature films and high end games, Jesse works towards applying his artistic visions in a broader scale allowing the viewer to see the world as he sees it.